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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - A hacked Switch would be Amazing!

Last night I was watching Hulu with my wife on the Switch. I removed the Joycons because it is easier to hold the console that way (for watching videos that's it) and using the Switch in that way felt pretty much like using a regular tablet (besides the lack of touchscreen controls on the Hulu app). And I kept thinking that it would be amazing if the Switch was hacked, not to pirate games but to install Android making it a regular tablet. I think this would be amazing to combine the gaming aspect of the console and the productivity of an Android tablet . You could check emails, play games, edit Office documents, the possibilities are endless. It would be really cool if they implement it in a very user friendly way like having a tile in the home screen of the Switch and opening it would open up the Android environment. I know this is wishful thinking but wouldn't something like that be awesome? What do you guys think?

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The lack of cellular would leave a lot to be desired, but yeah, I can get behind that.

To be fair Hulu is almost certain only first step, YouTube and web browser are also posibiletes.

Miyamotoo said:
To be fair Hulu is almost certain only first step, YouTube and web browser are also posibiletes.

Yeah, but that's on Nintendo and we all know how restrictive Nintendo is with that stuff. I rather have a hombrew team come up with a hack and apps for the Switch!

Just buy a cheap Android tablet.

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A non-hacked Switch is amazing enough for me.

Swapping a console OS is not simple. There's a point to be made, it has an existing Android SoC, but it also has many security measure including e-fuses that blow your console down if you try to downgrade the firmware or install something else.

Conina said:
Just buy a cheap Android tablet.

I already have a powerful tablet with the Switch. Why don't make it more useful?

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Meh just buy an Android tablet.

That's the problem. It's great as a game machine. There are others option much cheaper that a person can go with. Do the thing you do the best and Nintendo is with power of gaming.