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record breaking hardware sales for Black Friday according to Sony, more than 2 million PlayStation units with ps4 and ps vr selling out almost immediately at current prices. 


Sony should bring the sale back early December and extend it to right before Xmas..... they should also drop the bundles to 249, so that gamers don’t have to resort to waiting for a restock of the 199 base model, they could get that model w a AAA holiday game (making that attatch rate explode also)

Another potential 2 million units in the U.S would be probable if they do this,



299 ps vr set up, and a 199 ps4(or 249 bundles ps4) throught December would dominate the world and they would obliterate their 19 million forecast, 25 million would be a possibility for the quarter.... question is if they are interested in erupting their install base..... that 199 ps4 outsold every system ever on Black Friday. That’s just nuts.....


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If they're selling out so fast, why would they lower the price? They would lose money?

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Buisnesses need to make money. Sales are great for customers but arent great for profits obviously.

When did Sony annouce they outsold every other system ever on black Friday? Links? That must be big news yet I don't see anything about it anywhere. Or just lying and hopeful it becomes truth?

Depends to some degree on what the profit margin is at the sale price. Also, will they have the stock to justify such a maneuver? If the stock is low, better to keep the price as is for now. They will obviously make back any small loss taken on a unit sold in a short order. I think it's a good idea in the right circumstances.

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Yes, please! I missed on the opportunity to buy. I need to buy another because my ps4 no longer senses my controllers any more.

I'll only buy at $199 tho.

I think they should add more to the digital black Friday sales :P

I picked up a year subscription of ps plus for 25% off and the season pass of Battlefield 1.

Sony doesn’t lower price. Retailers who bought units lower the price and lose money in process. They do this in hopes that increased foot traffic will create a profit.

The question is less how many units they can sell, and more do they make money on the unit they sell, I doesn't make sense for Sony to sell millions of units at a loss with their current market position.

I think they will let it back to $299.99 to build stock back up, and then we will see another week of heavy discounts from Monday prior to Christmas - Friday After Christmas. That seems to be their gameplan lately, but of course, anythings possible.

With their low estimates for FY2017, my only concern is if they can keep up with demand.

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