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Please remove the: “user_profile_sheen.png” effect.

For people who don’t know:
VGC has a semi-transparent triangle that it places on top of our user profile pictures.

It’s: dated, ugly and adds unnecessary http requests.
Please remove it.

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Didn't notice til you mentioned it.

Huh. I never noticed that, but looking at it now, it doesn't seem to improve avatars and does, in fact, hurt some avatars. Thus I voice my support for this request.

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What? Two years in here and I've never noticed that XD.

It makes you look cool!


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jason1637 said:
Didn't notice til you mentioned it.

That is why I an voicing my complaint.

It harms our avatars and it will reduce performance, especially on mobile.
And it looks dated.

The Web 2.0 aesthetic is amazing IMO

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I've never really notice this until you pointed it out.


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theDX said:

The Web 2.0 aesthetic is amazing IMO

Really annoying especially when you try to view a avatar lol.



Takes me to a screen with a white block.


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