Forums - General Discussion - Any 199 PS4s left in LA? Really all gone? I need one for someone

Well not really me but my girlfriend in northern LA wants to play World of Final Fantasy and some other PS4 games and she can only get the 199 plane version. Budget wise everything would just fit. 

If anyone saw online or in stores (best-buy or any other) I'd gladly receive the information. 


PS4 will sell 25 million units before 31st of March!

Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense

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i think you are really really really late to this party.

no worries tho... wait till around Xmas. that SKU will pop up again.

Man try stock something...


Hope you get what you want.

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199? I think those sold out in the first six hours across the country.

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Yeah... Probably going to have to wait until closer to Christmas. Are the boxing day sales a thing there?

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You had a chance Sunday night, Target in Burbank off the 5 fwy had like 5 behind a glass display. Which I thought was odd since they were extremely scarce by that point.