Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hashimoto teases "big new" final fantasy titles for 2018

Can he mean ff vii remake, would be amazing...


Shinji Hashimoto teases "big new" Final Fantasy titles to come in 2018. "Next year will be a big year" (link:

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FF7 remake plz.

how about a decent ffvi remake huh?

Corrct me if I'm wrong, but doesnt Square have a history of teasing big announcements and underdelivering?

My FFVI analysis:

My Shadow of the Colossus analysis:

Gonna assume an FF14 expansion.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

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I think numbered Final Fantasy will finally return to Nintendo in some way next year

Nothing to see here, move along

King's Knight 2 confirmed.

i don't know.....

I just think SE are the worst when it comes to announcements. Or even worse announcements of future announcements.

fuck.... I'm a sucker for even being in this thread.

FF7 Remake ep 1 release date announcement is a safe bet, though I don't think it'll release until Q1/Q2 2019 since we already know Kingdom Hearts 3 is 2018 (probably late 2018).

Ito has supposedly been working on something for a few years now (possibly FF16), could maybe see them announcing it next year with no date and no release until 2020, lol.

Maybe they'll announce the next remake/remaster as well. They've teased FF6 a few times now.

Brand new P2W mobile game :-p