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for me i hope to hear release dates for 2 - 3 aaa first party games, maybe god of war, detroit and spiderman would be cool and if the rumor about devil may cry 5 announcement would be the right show for what do you expect from psx this year?


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I'm really hoping for some more PS2 on PS4 game announcements. It seems to have been really quiet lately on that front so it would be pretty awesome if they just released a bunch during the conference, as long as they're good ones of course.

Also, a PS4 re-release of FF8 with trophies would be great! The FF7 re-release was announced at PSX and we got FF9 a few months back, so why don't we have 8 as well?

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

I would love a Resistance collection for PS4 along with a new installment announced! Tbh I'd just be happy to replay the first game again but looking sharper and better textures

Days Gone/Ghost of Tsushima for 2018. Remake/Remaster Spyro Trilogy.

Any informations about Deep Down and WILDS.

Virtua Fighter 6

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Gow release date.
Massive Dreams update.
Detroit demo.
New PS2 classics
Something Capcom related.

Days gone now had MP, pubg esque

Honestly psx is just gravy for me. Anything is good, even if just updates on existing games.

Bloodborne 2 announced. It's like the missing gem on the crown to make 2017 one of the greatest years ever for Playstation.

Few completely new announcements, but release dates and gameplay demos and such for already announced games.

No new 1st party AAA announcements. Dreams "available right now"

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