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Forums - PC Discussion - My Steam account is a Teenager!


How old is your Steam account?

0 - 1 years 2 8.33%
2 - 3 years 1 4.17%
4 - 5 years 5 20.83%
6 - 7 years 8 33.33%
8 - 9 years 3 12.50%
10 - 11 years 1 4.17%
12 - 13 years 2 8.33%
14 - 15 years 2 8.33%

My Steam account had its 13th birthday yesterday. They grow up so fast!


So how old are your Steam accounts? Are they neglected or well supported?

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Around five years old. I originally only made my account to play TF2 for free.

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Mine is still very young, only 7 years old or, like a kid would say, 7 soon to be 8 years old.

And I made it because I bought a graphics card, my old and trusty HD 5850, that came with a redeemable code for Dirt 2.

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I apparently have a neglected 4 year old.

I tend to play on console more than pc and I tend to not have time for gaming lately....

My nine year old has quite the collection now, though gotten most for free, bought 20 of 59 games.


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5 years.
6 years on the 28th of December.

Soon enough there'll be users on here that are younger than your steam account, then you'll feel old.

Mines about 6 years old.

Mine's 9. It actually shares a birthday with me

Got it originally becuase Football Manager started to required Steam as an activation/DRM thing. It's been pretty well supported since then.

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5 years old right now

Will become 6 years old on December 5th



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6 years going on 7 in April. Looks like he is old enough to start working for the family.