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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Splatoon 2 is not as fun as Splatoon


Which Splatoon game is better?

Splatoon 12 18.75%
Splatoon 2 31 48.44%
I can't decide 8 12.50%
Haven't played Splatoon 6 9.38%
Haven't played Splatoon 2 7 10.94%

Back in early 2015 I was extremely excited for Splatoon to come out for the Wii U. Every morning while I drank my coffee I was watching Splatoon gameplay and trailers. Then when the game first came out, I took a 20 minute walk to Gamestop and bought it. When I play it, I played it for hours and hours and never stopped playing until early 2017. It's my favorite game from the Wii U era and its up there with Zelda Majora's Mask and Mario Kart 64 for me. 

When Splatoon 2 got announced I was excited, not nearly as excited as I was for Splatoon; but still very excited. When the game came out, I walked over to Gamestop and bought it. It was a great experience to play a new Splatoon game. But for whatever reason the game never "clicked" until October. October I was playing for hours and hours, but before October I was playing it for a few hours a week. Now I'm not really that into it anymore.

Since Splatoon 2 had more attention by Nintendo, I thought it would surpass Splatoon in everything.... but it didn't. Splatoon is wayyy more better than Splatoon 2 in my opinion. Sure Splatoon 2 has more content than Splatoon, for whatever reason I just love Splatoon way more. Does anyone else think so too? What's your opinion? Thanks for reading!!       

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That my friend, is called Nostalgia. It blinds you regardless.

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Not to be mean, but you provided zero reasons. This could have been a single throwaway post in any splatoon related thread. Not worthy of a thread.

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I like them both. Salmon Run is great fun in Splatoon 2 but the lack of mini-games in the lobby is lame. Nintendo, wtf!? Put those back!


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Pure nonsense, Splatoon 2 is clearly better

Change the title to "Splatoon is not ___ fun" and you're on to something.

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Sounds like you just played the first so much that of course you were bound to get burned out of more Splatoon quicker. That said, I do miss the gamepad element of the first. One of the few games that really managed to make something out of the Wii U's concept. 

Well... to be completely fair, Splatoon 2's tick rate is actually worse than Splatoon 1's and is considered below average when compared to most online games, so your matches may have felt a bit "sluggish."

Of course, you probably didn't know that, and you're just stating some baseless opinion with no substance for a constructive discussion.

My issue with Splatoon 2 comes down to, the changes made to the single player which is more grindy and less fun plus the battle stages, which almost all are less vertical and feature less areas you can't get ink on along with being spacious.

The single player, I can't get my mind around other then the forced weapon stages are annoying and while some stages are still good regardless of weapon, some stages and the process of getting to them in the hub areas are just tedious.

I get the changes made to the battle stages, mean you are more likely to meet enemies and lead to more pitched battles, but I miss swimming up tall structures and not having to worry about ink landing on an surfaces they don't work on. Heck the un-inkable surface stuff is the reason I hated the bridge stage in Splatoon 1, now over 50% of the stages are just like that one.

But despite these flaws, plus the lack of easy to produce Miiverse posts, I am still having fun. Salmon Run, is probably where I have spend more then half of my playing time and the game does improve the gear customization. I really can't say which is better, but with Miiverse dead, you are better off going Splatoon 2 by default.