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Forums - Sports Discussion - The Thunder are absolute garbage

How is a team with three all stars (two in their prime) and an acceptable surrounding roster this awful? They just lost to the third worst team by an unacceptable amount, and the ball movement was somehow worse than last game.


The system has to change. We cannot have four guys stand around as they use pick and rolls or iso's as their only plays. We simply cannot. Westbrook and George cannot chuck up shots as they continue to stay abysmal.


The Spurs don't even have Leonard or Parker and they are doing much better. With young guys around and three phenomenal players, the Thunder should not be struggling. At this point, there aren't any excuses. 


If they truly want to be successful in the playoffs, Westbrook has to be the first change. We cannot have him shoot for 30% or worse on a nightly basis. He cannot chuck up two airball threes in a row anymore either. 


The coaching has to improve as well. Why is there no system? Even a simple flex or high motion system would drastically improve the joke of a system they got. I'm not a basketball expert, but I can see why their offense stagnates so much. If the Warriors only did iso's, they wouldn't be the team they are. The Spurs would be a bottom team if they had such terrible offense as well.


It hurts to watch this team, especially since I had hopes for them.

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It's three ISO players on the same team and they aren't great playing D. Everyone knows you wouldn't want a team of three players who are ballhogish on the level of AI and Kobe.

I knew this team would disappoint.

Agreed. This team is terrible. I figured they would be so its no surprise. The star power sounds nice, and will probably be great for ratings, but they are sub .500 and that makes them sound better than they actually are.

Games are fun.

Removing Melo will allow the Thunder to bring in support players for Westbrook and George. Defensive shot blockers and rebounders are needed to boost the Thunder's defense.

Eh not any worse than the Mavericks or hawks really this year. All three are absolutely horrible.

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Kevin Durant will return to the Thunder for 2017/18 season in a bid to win a breakthrough title for the Thunder. Kevin Durant is Lebron James 2.0. There will be no need for George and Melo and they will be traded away for the return of King Kevin!

Finally Something we can agree on. This Thunder team has been extremely underwhelming. I won't fully give up on them though considering the potential they showed in the Warriors game a few days ago though.

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They beat the Warriors not long ago. I'm grateful for that.

Also, f*** Kevin "The Rat" Durant.

Yeah they beat the warriors, a warriors team that didn't even look like they wanted to play that game and had an injured KD in. Any cool points they earned beating the Warriors they gave back when they lost to dallas the game. In fact, haven't they lost each game since that Warriors win?

Games are fun.

Nah. It's too early in the season to care how they're playing. Comeback in January/February and we'll get a better sense for all teams.