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I know it's only been 8 months since the Switch launched, but since 4K televisions are showing up more and more in people's homes, and because 4K gaming hardware will undoubtedly drop in price in a few years, I think the Nintendo Switch's successor should be made to do 4K gaming.

It would also need to be built around whatever major technology trends pop up around the time of it's release, provided said trends are gonna have a long life span.

The launch lineup of course must consist of high profile first-party Nintendo games that utilize the system's features best, as we've seen with the Switch launching with Breath of The Wild and Splatoon 2.

Marketing is also an absolute must, especially to avoid the mistakes Nintendo made with pushing the Wii U and it's software. The new system will need a big presentation to showcase it's hardware AND software, and be done in a way that makes people really want to get it.

As for when it would launch, I'd say around 5 or 6 years after the Switch.

Well, those are my thoughts on what the Switch's successor should be like, what about you? :)

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Switch U

The switch successor won't be doing 4k, even in 5-6 years the tech just won't be there to have a portable console with that power, unless of course the dock has hardware inside it to improve performance, but that'll also make it too expensive.

I don't think any successor to the Switch will be much different then it is currently, other than it's power.

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I think the Switch is a bit of an entrance system, and it won't receive a traditional style successor, but instead compelling (which will probably include power boosts) upgrades, perhaps in new form factors: Switch Mini, Switch XL, that sort of thing. Maybe even a dock with a built-in processor for massively increased power in console mode; there were some hints to this before launch.

Pokemon could pair up well with a Switch Mini.

The reason I suggest this is that the tech is very future proof. Nvidia hardware can be upgraded while maintaining iterations of the Switch software Platform. I don't know if Nintendo would have gone with the Tegra architecture if upgrading and spreading to different form factors was not on in the plans.

What I think occurred with the Switch is that they were developing a base console for which they could begin collecting a back catalogue for future consoles. They planned it out very well like the Wii's first three years, only this time there's a much brighter future ahead due to the versatility of the technology, and development on the Nvidia end.

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Since the resolutions are scalable, they could offer a Switch Pro in a few years which can play the same Switch games up to 1080p undocked and up to 4K docked in 2 - 3 years.

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Switch doesn't really need a successor for at least seven years. Just make lighter revisions that have better battery life, and can do 1080p in handheld mode.

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What is 4k gaming? Is that genre? I've never played anything in that genre.

Xxain said:
What is 4k gaming? Is that genre? I've never played anything in that genre.

You didn't play KKK-Kart and KKK-Kombat? ;)

The successor to Switch should be a hybrid using the same concept.

However, their next console should be a VR console if they know what is good for them.

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I wouldn't copletely rule out they will release a powered dock (the rumored SCD) sometime down the line.
Right now it makes sense to have single device in order to make the market clearly understand the hybrid concept. Once that is established, I don't see why they shouldn't release an optional add-on for those who want higher fidelity on TV.