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What will sell best in December

Switch 17 39.53%
Xbox One S 5 11.63%
PS4 slim 18 41.86%
4K consoles (pro and xbox one x combined) 3 6.98%

Clarification:  Consider the poll for US sales.


At this point I think it's clear the $199 PS4 won Black Friday sales (although Cyber Monday could change that, especially depending on supply), and the switch is a close second with no discount, but xbox one s did decently too.

However, what about the rest of the year...  The PS4 goes back to normal prices, the switch never left normal prices, and the xbox one s enjoys another month of discounted pricing...  For $189 you can get free shipping and a free game and 1-month xbox game pass direct from Microsoft.

I expect the switch to continue to come out on top the rest of the year, but I think the xbox could easily outsell the  PS4 due to price point and more than make up for the head start the PS4 obtained during black Friday.

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I think its too early to tell.

Depends on stock really. But my guess is the PS4, but whoever wins won't win by a long shot anyway.

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The PS4 will surely either get a new discount come december 10th-ish or the current discount will be extended til christmas. However I still think we need more info to decide november, not to mention december.

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Ps4 followed by switch followed by Xbox during the hollidays. Good discounts and bundles will make the ps4 outsell the switch, january the switch might be back on top.

Xbox won't be discussed in any months unless they do/announce something amazing.

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The $189 xb1S continues through December?

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Why make the Pro and X their own weird group in the poll?

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COKTOE said:
Why make the Pro and X their own weird group in the poll?

Because I don't think a single 4k console has a chance by itself...  I suppose I could of said PS4+pro and xbox s + xbox x, but this gives one more option.

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