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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Question about AC Pocket Camp

I don't really know how to search this on the net, so I'm asking here, hoping that maybe somebody knows it...

My wife got a new smartphone, and we gave her old one to our son to use with WiFi. It's still connected to and running under her Google account. (Our son isn't old enough to have his own Google account yet.)

Our son installed AC Pocket Camp on the old smartphone.

Can my wife install it on her new phone too, without messing up my son's data? Or will they end up connected or something?

(I made a Kids' Nintendo Account under mine, and my wife has her own Nintendo Account.)

I think it'll be okay, but we just want to make sure that there will be no problems.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I think your Nintendo Account will handle the saves for the game, so if they are both using the same Nintendo Account then I guess they are synced, have you tried downloading it and play it on the new phone? I actually made an Australian apple account just to download it when it released first in Australia but I did not bother to play it through as someone mentioned you need to have your Nintendo Account logged in if you want to save all your progress. Not sure how this works now as I got bored anyway XD.


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We'd be using different Nintendo Accounts, but the app will be downloaded under the same Google account...
I guess we'll just have to try and hope our son's progress won't be deleted...

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I'm sure you already tried it Manuel, but I am pretty sure the save data is linked to the Nintendo account (that's what the app says). Right?

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Yes, everything worked okay thankfully.
I'll add you now.

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