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Today is Black Friday, and as usual video game stores across the United States are full of people seeking to purchase the latest consoles and games at a discount. As one of the biggest retailers in the world, of course GameStop is no exception. They have just reached out with a press release to let us know how things are going.

  • Sony PlayStation 4 at $100 off, plus $50 GameStop gift card
  • GameStop exclusive Black Friday Collectible Bag – purchase the bag for $1.99 and fill it with as many collectibles/pop vinyl items as possible and get 25% off every collectible/pop vinyl item in the bag
  • Video Games: NBA 2K18; Call of Duty: World War II; Madden 18; FIFA 18
  • Funko Mystery Box

Secondly, we get a look at some of the best-sellers online.

  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB
  • NBA 2K18 and Madden NFL 18
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One S 500GB

Looks like the highly discounted PS4 with a gift card on top of it is pushing a lot of units in the stores, while all major consoles have a strong presence online. It’s certainly impressive for the Switch to be there, considering that it’s not discounted, but nowadays with shortages going on, actually being available is enough.

The press release was accompanied by a statement from Chief Operating Officer Tony Bartel.

“Our holiday season is off to a great start! We’re excited about the strong growth we’ve seen so far by opening our stores on Thanksgiving and offering incredible Black Friday deals. Our stores have seen strong traffic from customers looking to purchase the latest innovations in gaming, toys and consumer technology products that are in high demand and are sure to be in short supply this holiday season.”



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Bow down to the king

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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Falls in line with what's been floating around here all day in regards to big PS4 sales. To paraphase the late, great Lionel Hutz: "Ooh, it's gonna win!"

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Jesus, it just won't stop. Good job Cerny, Shu, Kaz and everyone else involved!

PS4 is a BEAST!

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Nothing stops this train.

The real king is back.

Well fought! Good to see epic sales from all companies. Seems as though the stock wasn't too much of an issue after all.

I can't find the actual press release from gamestop. The quoted paragraph included in the article doesn't tell us anything!


Very clever of them to include that $1.99 swag bag. They would have raked it in this black Friday!

One would certainly hope so.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

It seems that Switch is Target's top system.