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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch is catching on with athletes who travel a lot

It's interesting to see people who spend a lot of time on the road are finding enormous benefits with the Switch. He has a few previous videos describing the accessories he brings with the Switch, battery chargers, etc...  He also discussed how Breath of the Wild is the first Zelda game, since the NES, that he played through. This is an example of Switch's blue ocean strategy, tackling a market with high demand that is currently uncontested: that is, portable console level gaming. Like the Wii, it's going to attract a lot of people who are interested in this uniquely accessible console - lapsed gamers, casual gamers, and traditional gaming fans. One of the things the Switch brings to the table is the many different situations where it's available for play; some people who can only fit gaming in a day or two a week because they're traveling can now have seven days of access. 

A bit of background: Stevie Richards is a pro-wrestler who gained popularity in ECW during the mid-1990s and WWE during the late-1990s and early 2000s. He was a part of the period known as the "WWF Attitude Era" which was a portion of time when the WWE used the "WWF Attitude" logo from late 1997 to early 2001; a distinct period where pro-wrestling received major mainstream success. He received major exposure during the Attitude era's "Kreski period" (the period where Xena author, Chris Kreski, was the head writer of WWE between the end of the Russo period in late 1999 and the beginning of the Stephanie McMahon period at the end of 2000).

Richards reached the height of his career during this period when Kreski and Vince McMahon wrote him into the role of leader of a group called RTC (Right To Censor); a parody of powerful censorship/political correctness unions in the 1990s. PTC (Parents Television Council) had got 30-40 advertisers to pull support from WWE during the Attitude Era, due to WWE's over-the-top inappropriate form of entertainment. Stevie would then go on to low-carder status, which he embraced with extreme success and enthusiasm by making himself the main event king of the B-Show Sunday Night Heat. He would then go on to be one of the mainstays in WWE's (ill-conceived) ECW brand, which was a remake of the 1990s organization.

TL;DR (sorry!): he is a pro-wrestler who got his start in ECW.

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Yea European football players have shown their love for the Switch. You even got celebrities like model Chrissy Teigen playing her Switch while watching a Laker game. I think that’s partly what makes the Switch popular. When you see popular people traveling and playing home console games on a portable, it attracts relatively the non-traditional, casual, or non-gamer crowd. Social media is huge and it seems to really pay dividends for the Switch.

Xavier woods constantly makes a reference to how switch is perfect console for wrestlers in upupdowndown.


Acevil said:
Xavier woods constantly makes a reference to how switch is perfect console for wrestlers in upupdowndown.

They sold me on that Switch projector!

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Huh, didnt know Stevie Richards was a gamer :o.


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Not just athletes but people in general who travel.

Wasn't this always the most obvious benefit of portable consoles?

The Switch is the most social console ever made.

It is a console that enlists its users in a worldwide marketing campaign.

Right now the Switch's biggest draw is with 2 groups:

1) People who want a very powerful handheld.
2) People who want Zelda.

After this Christmas, everyone dying for Zelda will have their chance at the Switch, so sales will be down somewhat in 2018. Then in 2019 the Switch will get new groups of people.

3) The normal handheld crowd (i.e. 3DS crowd) waiting for a cheaper/simpler version.
4) Home console gamers just looking for a console with a big library.
5) Lapsed Wii gamers who want to come back for a console better than the Wii U.

In 2019+, the Switch is going to blow away 2017 sales charts.