Forums - Sony Discussion - PS Plus is $40 on Amazon right now

Ahead of black Friday Amazon has PS Plus 12 month subscription for just $40.

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Thanks for the info. Bought two of them.

smh... and I am subbed till 2020 on cards that at the time cost me $50

Fantastic deal. I'd advise anyone to pay off their next 5 years. The amount of awesome games you'll get will be crazy.

good find, my sub was expiring soon so I renewed it now


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I just want to mention 'most' local stores seem to have this deal. Also I am pretty sure the black friday sale will also feature it but can be for 35-45€

im tempted but i hope sony does another week of play next year during e3 and sells them again for 35€

You are a good man, i bought 2

Thanks for the heads up, bruv.

Hmm it's really tempting but it says US only. Anyone knows if this would work on accounts from other countries? El Salvador (central america) to be precise.