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Glad to see CoD on top.

Go go Pokemon!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Strange, in the all-formats chart they don't combine UltraSun and UltraMoon.

Battlefront 2 down 60% physical sales

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jason1637 said:
Battlefront 2 down 60% physical sales

That's dreadful. Accounting for the digital rise that still has to be down on the original.

Where's GT sport launch week gone ?

...not much time to post anymore, used to be awesome on here really good fond memories from VGchartz...

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really miss the VGCHARTZ of 2008 - 2013...

Haa! Suck it EA.

Skyrim VR outsold the Switch version! Probably even more with digital sales. Great to see a VR game tracking. Hopefully it will shift some psvr bundles as well.

It's well deserved the game is absolutely amazing in VR. Exploring the dungeons is way more engaging than in the flat version and the ease of simply pointing at what you want to loot / pick up can not be overstated in a loot heavy game like skyrim. No more shuffeling around to target the right corpse! So satisfying to run enemies down while slashing them with a sword or bringing down a mace on them, rain a volley of arrows or follow them around with beam destruction spells from both hands.

It's so immersive I avoid fast travel and find an inn to sleep in at night. Quick save and reload are very quick, fighting above your level becomes fun instead of frustrating. So many creative options in VR to beat foes against all odds. Some ways to cheat too. I couldn't find the handle to open a gate, reached through with my hand and pulled the lever on the inside instead. I guess I did that dungeon backwards. Shooting around corners from cover works great or you can stab through an opening. Plus catching blows with a shield in your left hand and bash them back is very cool.

With RE7 VR, best gaming experience this year. I already put over 15 hours into the game since Friday.

Skeeuk said:

Where's GT sport launch week gone ?

Where is GT Sport gone?

I guess the franchise is in trouble if it doesn't even chart in the UK after just 3 weeks. F7 and FH3 still sit in the charts... Or are they back for the XBox One X launch / bundles.