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With Nintendo officially saying 'no black friday deals, just making sure we have stuff to sell', what's the internet reaction?

Has the Nintendo anger returned in mass, or are we dealing with people who see the reason for it?

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I'm glad I wont miss any killer deals.

I'll be buying a Switch next year so I'm sure there will be sales by that time :)


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They are gonna sell as much as they can ship regardless so cutting the price wouldnt make any sense for them.

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I am sure peole who never plan on buying one anyway will complain. I have two, so it does not affect me.

It is a business decision. If it still sells out, then they made the right choice IMO. If people pass on it for PS4 and X1 deals, then it would be a bad decision.

I am indifferent until I see sales numbers, because I can see pros and cons on both end.

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They will sell out all of their holiday stock anyway, so what would be the point of cutting the price or giving games away for free?

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It's Nintendo. Don't ever expect anything of theirs to be on sale regardless of holiday season.

V-r0cK said:
It's Nintendo. Don't ever expect anything of theirs to be on sale regardless of holiday season.


^ This especially.


You will have to depend on brick and mortar stores' own deals because Nintendo's pretty stingy when it comes to sales.


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Selfishly glad. That way I didn't miss out on any deals by buying early.

Aside from that, not surprised. It is selling well without discounts and it is only in its first year.

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I expected this so no surprise here. They can barely stock it and now you want to lower the price? Are you nuts?

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Obvious. Nintendo already has distribution problems with regular price, if they lowered the price, we would have tons of hardware droughts all around. Plus, I'd rather want them to focus on software deals. Nintendo games don't drop in price that often, after all.

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