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Forums - General Discussion - What's your favorite fruit?


What's your favorite type of fruit?

Apples or pears 4 8.70%
Berries (strawberries, ra... 12 26.09%
Citrus (lemons, oranges, ... 7 15.22%
Stone fruit (peaches, plu... 4 8.70%
Bananas 5 10.87%
Other 11 23.91%
See results 3 6.52%

Fruit isn't only good for you, it's also delicious! At least, some kinds of fruits are. Which are your favorites?


I can't choose one absolute favorite myself. I like most fruits a lot, but the ones that stand out for me are raspberries, gooseberries, cherries and plums.


Honerable mentions: persimmon and physalis. These are heavily underrated.

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Easy one: watermelon

Granny Smith apples.

They’re basically candy.

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India's own , or should I say Kerala's own - Jackfruit





My favorite berry: Blueberries


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Unfortunately I am allergic to a lot of them. I really love strawberries.

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Red grapes and clementine. I also like bananas a lot, but only when they're just right which is tough.


I also like bananas, blueberries, pineapple, and white grapes.

I like apples a lot, but honeydew and cantaloupe are delicious as well.

Mexican Mango, but I also like huayas (central, south american fruit) are magoes on the poll or is in "others" categorie? I don't know if it's a "stone" fruit I've never heard that categorie.

I know... my English sucks.

These, not sure what is the english translation, but we call them pepino or pepino dulce