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I've been an avid player of WoW since the Vanilla days, but over time the game and it's word have changed considerably. Some changes have been for the better, some have been changed to add quality of life changes, some for lore and other changes, that to some, can be considered bad changes.

I'd like to say that the biggest change for me, was when Cataclysm launched. it changed the world of Azeroth forever, and in doing so, it also changed the landscape of some parts of the game's world. I wasn't a big fan of that change, as there were some areas I liked from the Vanilla says (like the Barrens and Desolace for example). Another few changes recently made to WoW within legion, involved class changes. For example, the Warlock class I've played since Vanilla, had one of it's specs changed (Demonology), which resulted in taking away what that class spec once had, and turning it into a new class entirely (Demon Hunter). I can't say I was fond of that change, since it resulted in a less fun spec to play with, as well as it being a chore to take on multiple targets (compared to Destruction and Affliction specs).

There have been some good changes over the years though, like Hunters not needing ammo pouches for their ammo (which is basically infinite now). Warlocks no longer needing soul shard bags to store soul shards (as they generate via combat, as well as generating slightly out of it). The changes to flight points was a nice update (since the old days involved you hopping from every single flight point).


Now Blizzard has announced WoW Classic, a realm where we will be able to play Vanilla WoW, which has already sparked off people discussing on what they'd expect from Blizzard, when it comes to bringing back the Vanilla WoW experience.

We have a few sides already talking about what they want, some ranging from wanting the complete experience (bugs, grinds and a reset where no QoL changes exist), and others wanting a mix of current WoW with classic (like the new character models, some QoL changes, LFG/LFR and Dungeon finder).


What changes would you like to see from Classic WoW and why?.


I for one, would love to see some QoL changes brought into classic, like Warlocks and hunters not needing bags for their shards and ammo (because that cut down on what items I could hold in general). I'd also love to see the current flight point system as well (since that made travelling around the world rather tedious). I can live without LFR/LFG, though the addition of Dungeon queue system would be nice (but I could live without it to a degree).


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So they're pulling a Old School Runescape, interesting. No wonder they were slapping down vanilla servers before, they want that nostalgia money. Not a fan of these types of things, I'd rather keep moving forward and fixing than stepping back.

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