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I've had my youtube recommendations crop up each time I open youtube, but that's due to how Youtube works these days, based on other content you have watched. Apart from that, I've seen videos ranging from PC builds, to PC settings, and I've also decided to make this thread as a mirror to the thread in regards to console gaming over PC.


For me it ranges from my builds, to the content I purchase, but primarily it's down to what I can do with said games, as well as where I can purchase them from.

The things I mostly prefer from PC gaming are:


  • Being able to mod games
  • Free online multiplayer (not including older and current MMO's btw)
  • customisation of building a PC
  • Multiple storefronts to purchase from digitally and physically 
  • Having my software updates updated automatically (or by choice, manually)
  • Being able to use multiple peripherals
  • Being able to find games cheaply, that range from shopping at multiple storefronts
  • The genres I love the most are found on PC
  • Being able to tune the settings in games, to either gain visual or performance gains (in some cases, both).
  • Being able to file for refunds on my digital games.
  • User created content, which can add to a game's replay value, as well as content length.
So I ask you, what makes PC gaming better for you?. List your thoughts on what makes PC gaming better for you.


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For me it was taking my 4 year old Asus m51 (i7-4770,16gigs ram) and trading out the very weak gtx 640 with gtx 1050 ti and it cost me $145.00. I could play any game on steam,gog,origin,fanatical,uplay. So it was cheaper than a console and the games are so cheap. I love PC gaming

Consoles and PC excel at different things. Neither gaming experience is inherently better. It depends on personal preferences.

That being said, PC will always be my first choice. If I could only pick one, it would be PC without a doubt.

User created mods are one of the best things in gaming. They open up options and allow you to play the way you like as well as enhance the overall experience objectively. The difference, in my opinion, can be absolutely amazing.

Another factor I really like is that the games themselves are cheaper. Yes, the initial hardware cost is greater, but it's far cheaper to dive in and try different games that I probably wouldn't buy otherwise.

Freedom in the marketplace means I don't have to pay online subscriptions and I can buy games where competition means everyone has to work for my patronage.

I love playing real-time strategy games. The only comfortable way to play does games with a mouse and keyboard.

- Best Looking Games

- Customization

- Mods

- Can Actually Do Real 3D Work

- Creating My Own Patches

- INI Tweaking

- ReShade/SweetFx

- Biggest game Library Available

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The games. Some of my favourite genres (strategy/management) are pretty much PC exclusive.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

Free online, better framerate and graphics ( if you have a pc that is better than the consoles on the market) , games are cheaper, certain games work better on pc like mobas and strategy games. Other than that i dont see in what departments pc gaming is better.


Not sure what it is, maybe a hold over from my MMO days but I find PC gaming more immersive and easier to get sucked in compared to console games in general.

I always considered myself computer gamer primarily, but back in days computers were pretty much fixed hardware (bar ocassional disk drive (C64) or memory (Amiga) expansion), so, more or less, they were like it came down to genres.

My first graphic adventure was Hobbit, back around '83 (IIRC) on ZX Spectrum, my first war strategy was either Blitzkrieg or Tobruk on C64 (not sure about which one really), around '87/'88, and not sure what was my first simulation, but I've played a lot of both air and sub sims back then ...computers were always home to these genres, and they still are, and first two still happen to be one of my favourite genres.

Without going further into other genres on those computers, I have to admit I hated PCs at first - due to their ever changing hardware - but I eventually bought one in '95 (or was it '94, not sure)...there were just too many games I was salivating over that I could skip them entirely...well actually, I guess Comanche: Maximum Overkill and Panzer General were last two drops in already full glass, playing it on friends 486 I knew I just had to have one of those.

After that it was genres again - RPG, RTS, FPS and still, of course, P&C adventures and war strategies - oh, and KB/M - Amiga had mouse, so I was quite used to it, and playing with it felt very natural.

These days, it is still genres, but I guess lot of other things as well - mods primarily, relatively easy upgrade path and of course being able to fiddle with settings in order to make it how you like it (which means motion blur, DoF and chromatic abomination are turned off instantly).

XD84 said:
I love playing real-time strategy games. The only comfortable way to play does games with a mouse and keyboard.

This is me as well.

Hoping Age of Empires 4 turns out great. Would like a new Tiberian Sun as well