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Thoughts after watching the video

It looks just as poor as I originally thought 2 33.33%
It looks better than I originally thought 2 33.33%
I already liked the look, now I like it more 0 0.00%
I already liked the look, now I like it less 0 0.00%
I already liked the look, no change 1 16.67%
See poll/I don’t want to watch the video 1 16.67%

When I saw this originally I was really underwhelmed. But actually seeing it in this video made me like it a little more. Hadn’t realized it had a gloss top. Controller is still just decent.

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Edit: Link provided.

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The PS5 Exists. 

I wanna get this model

Does it come with a loot box statue?

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Valdath said:
Does it come with a loot box statue?


I got the Darth one and I don't think this looks as good. They should have put that picture off the side facing storm trooper from the elite edition of swbf2 cover on there.

This just looks like it's has three stickers across the front.

DS4 design is also a little lazy.

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Take a black ps4 pro slap 3 stickers on the top and 1 on the side. Slap 2 stickers on your DS4 too. Done!

The old PS4 vader one looks good..this one rather destroys the look of the plain black ps4 pro.