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THQ Nordic has acquired 100 percent of the shares of Experiment 101, the developer of the upcoming “kung-fu fable RPG” Biomutant, as well as the Biomutant property itself.  

Could have sworn Ubisoft was the publisher.....maybe I'm confusing it with Beyond Good & Evil 2 lol.


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Looks like a fun game, i really hope it is good

Nothing to see here, move along

Nice to see THQ rising from the ashes.

Not a dev I care about

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think-man said:
Nice to see THQ rising from the ashes.

Well, it's not. The company Nordic acquired the name and the leftover franchises of THQ and calls themself now THQ Nordic. But THQ is done and gone.

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I hope they treat the game with care when publishing it. I want to see THQN rise and become a better example of what EA, Acti, Ubisoft and MS should be striving for.