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Forums - Sony Discussion - Now: Play your PS4 games online for free(without ps+)/which game do you play online?

"Sony has announced another PlayStation Plus open multiplayer event. In case you’re unfamiliar, these types of events allow players who own multiplayer-capable games to play online with others and use the biggest feature of PlayStation Plus features without paying for a subscription. The promotion kicks off this Wednesday, November 15 at 10am UK, 11am CET. It will remain available throughout the weekend, before it wraps up on Monday, November 20 at 10am UK, 11am CET". Thanks for the info @

Which PS4 game will you play online in the next few days? I play Uncharted 4 Online and another game later, its really funny : D Tell it your friends, greetings :)

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thats interesting




Seems like it's been a while since they did this last

Street Fighter IV!

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woa have to play Tekken 7 again, if i find the time