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46 Metacritic with 49 Reviews

39% RottenTomatoes with 228 Reviews

Some Reviews:


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Well, it looked bad, but then again Super Hero movies are not for me I guess

Wonder women was really good though... Come on DC... Get your shit together.

I'll go see it anyway because I often don't listen to reviews when it comes to movies but it's still not a good sign.

Well, if Suicide Squad, BvsS and the Man of Steel were able to make money, it doesn't matter the score. People will see it regardless. So...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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The trailer looked super boring to me, so I'm not surprised.

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Could see this coming a mile away. I’ll probably still see it though.

Trailers looked rubbish so im not surprised. ill probably still see it maybe


It's a Zack Snyder movie, of course is gonna be weak. Everything he did after Watchmen is shit.

Dang, good thing metacritic didn't dissuade me from watching BvS before or else I would have not experienced how enjoyable that movie was with my bro and best friend, guess I'm gonna do the same tomorrow.


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