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VGC has new graph color schemes?

Yes, they do. 28 65.12%
No, you're insane. 8 18.60%
I am you, and we are one now. 7 16.28%

They changed the color scheme today, right?

I hope so, because I really don't want to be going insane.

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The green and blue for Xbox and PS look darker. Not sure on Switch.

Not sure why they made everything darker when light green corresponds to Xbox well and just red is fine for Nintendo ...

And they look so much better!

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No me le gusta...

Yeah it's been changed to more closely match the official branding colours of each company, plus swapping Nintendo and Sony colours around.

About time the PS4 be given the blue color, it's always been the Playstation color just as the Xbox's is green and Nintendo is red. I'm surprised that VGChartz only noticed that now, but you know what they say, better late than never

Also I noticed the figures themselves have been updated too.

Great change,but the xbox green could be more brighter.This green is kinda ugly to look at.

This is great! Love darker colors!