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MS Xbox Senior Marketing Director Albert Penello recently said this in response to people who thought that enhanced games are not «launch-titles»:


«For this point, I disagree since I watched the industry use the exact same term for the PS4 Pro launch.  

Sony themselves talked about 40 launch titles. So if I say 50 launch titles, why am I spinning?

I’m really trying to understand how anything we said was spin, damage control or PR. We used the same terms.»


But going to the blog link that mr Penello provided, I don’t see any use of the term «launch titles» , but they rather said that 40 games were going to be enchanced at launch.


What are your thoughts towards this?

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So ... the controversy is that Microsoft counted enhanced games as "launch-titles" for the One X?

“Most Launch Titles Ever for a Console”

Is suggesting new titles ... Launch titles. How many times have I said MS are trying to give the impression this is a new generation? So obvious.

"40+ Games Enhanced for PS4 Pro Launch"

Is being truthful. For a game to be 'enhanced', it has to already exist. 

If you can't see the difference, Albert will be proud of you.


The PS5 Exists. 

And here I am thinking that we pasted the mid launch version of enhanced consoles confusion.


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What's more disturbing is they did it because they THOUGHT Sony said it. Microsoft, you guys are a company with a half-a-trillion dollar market cap. You don't have to look over Sony's shoulder for the answers to the quiz. I wouldn't think that pointing your fingers at the rival conglomerate and saying, "well they did it first" is the way to handle things in the adult corporate world.

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I don't really remember anyone discussing it when the pro launched so he does have a point. Also, ports are often considered launch titles when a new console does release.

Was DC Universe Online being disputed at launch for the ps4 despite releasing on 2 platforms before it? No, it wasn't.

Calling all of the games mentioned for the X as release titles is a reach but so is arguing the point when it's essentially commonplace... It's only more noted because of the sheer volume of X enhancement games.

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Is somebody actually bothered by this kind a shit?

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
So ... the controversy is that Microsoft counted enhanced games as "launch-titles" for the One X?

I mean, he's not technically wrong, but saying "most launch titles ever for a console" is very misleading. You can't equate this to the launch of an actual new console, since it's only ever going to play the same games as regular Xbone; it's launch lineup isn't as relevant, and trying to use this as a tool for marketing is shady at best.

Most people should be competent enough to see through this though, so I'm not sure why it's a big deal. A marketing director being shady is just par for the course.

I don’t remember Sony claiming enhanced versions of existing games as Pro launch titles, does anyone have a link?  Official marketing, not a Blog

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