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Should I buy my daughter a Switch...

Christmas 2017. 35 72.92%
Her Birthday in late winter 2018. 2 4.17%
Christmas 2018. 3 6.25%
Later in 2019 and on. 1 2.08%
After she pays me in gumballs. 7 14.58%

Accessing merchandise is literally at the tip of our fingers these days. Ordering a game from Amazon is just that easy from your smartphone, and you can research and  buy instantly at anytime of the day.  Why do I mention this?  There was a time when there was no internet, and it was always a joy to receive the Christmas season catalogs in the mail to pick out all the toys you know you couldn't get.  I remember browsing through the Service Merchandise and Sears catalogs and giving most of my attention to the advertised Atari 2600, Intellivision & Coleco sections.

Fast forward to 2017, my daughter has been playing more and more Nintendo Wii as she learns the interface and as her reading skills improve.  And for a while, she's been checking out the Nintendo Amiibo and now the Switch displays when we're out around places like Gamestop and Toy's R Us.  Just recently, a Toy's R Us Christmas catalog came in the mail, and one day, we were going through it together page by page.  When we came across the video game section, she said she wanted a Switch, and she pointed to and wanted every game she saw Mario on it including the 3DS games.  And then I pointed out the Zelda games, and told her she needed those, too.

For a while, she's been playing Mario Kart Wii and Mario Run Android.  So when I later showed her YouTube clips of Mario Kart Deluxe and Mario Galaxy, she really wants a Switch now and told me she'll put down 5$ towards helping me buy one.  So when I explained to her the value of $5 in 25 cent gumballs and how many gumballs it would take to buy a Switch, her mouth dropped.  Good times.

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Buy her a Switch and a Mario amiibo

Buy it for her as soon as possible! You don't want to disappoint your princess now do you?

Made a bet with LipeJJ and HylianYoshi that the XB1 will reach 30 million before Wii U reaches 15 million. Loser has to get avatar picked by winner for 6 months (or if I lose, either 6 months avatar control for both Lipe and Hylian, or my patrick avatar comes back forever).

Aww... that's cute. :)

your daughter may be in the process of developing an unhealthy fetish for italian plumbers, be very careful :P

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Give it to her for Christmas! :D

That OP went a different way than I expected. When you started with the catalogues and how easy ordering games are from Amazon these days I thought you were going to say your daughter stole your credit card and ordered games from Amazon or something

And yes, you should buy her a Switch!

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

Pull the trigger; get it.

;_; so cute

makes me wish i had a kid

barneystinson69 said:

Buy it for her as soon as possible! You don't want to disappoint your princess now do you?

She wanted to dress up as Princess Peach for Halloween but opted for Arrow's Black Canary instead...