Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 1-2 Switch worth $30?

Black Friday at Wal-mart has it going for $30. Worth it if you have friends?? Worth it if you dont??


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Best Buy has 1-2-Switch for $25 for Black Friday.

Don't do it.

Of course not. I rejected a $10 by my friend. Easily one of the worst games ever

It's not even worth $1.

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If you have friends and tonnes of money...... its still not worth it.

The Jackbox Party packs are better party games.

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You could knock a digit off that and it still wouldn't be worth it

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Lots of salt and hate going on here. XD

At $30, I don't think so.
$25, at most, so if you're really curious and want to try it out, go for that Black Friday deal at Best Buy.
If you have friends and family who are willing to play with you there is plenty of fun to be had with this one.
My cousins and I had a blast with the baseball mini game.

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If I were you I'd buy a bunch of indies instead, either that or look for another Switch game to buy at that price. 1 2 Switch isn't worth it at all from what I've seen of it.

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