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Forums - General Discussion - What's your favourite soft drink?


What's your favourite soft drink?

Coca-Cola 35 27.13%
Pepsi 11 8.53%
Fanta 11 8.53%
Tango 0 0%
Sprite 13 10.08%
Lilt 0 0%
Irn-Bru 3 2.33%
7up 1 0.78%
Dr Pepper 18 13.95%
Other 37 28.68%


Mine's probably melon fanta. Just love it. As for ones that aren't near impossible to find... I'd go for Sprite. It doesn't have much taste to it, but it's nice and refreshing which is usually what I want in a drink

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1. Schweppes Tonic
2. Schweppes Agrum
3. Nalu

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Coca-Cola has my soul.

Mountain Dew Voltage > Orange Soda(I think Sunkist is the one I like?) > Barq's Root Beer > A good vanilla coke > A good cherry coke >  Mountain Dew OG > Dr. Pepper > Coke and Pepsi > Sprite > A bad vanilla coke > A bad cherry coke(most often have a bad one) >>>> Code Red

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Red bull tropical, Its not a very popular drink around where I live so when I see it I stock up. When its not there I default to Coke

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Sprite is my guilty pleasure.

Water or go hard.

green_sky said:
Water or go hard.

Carbonated water? I guess that kind of counts...

I'm actually offended that you chose dr.pepper to be in the poll instead of mountain dew.....

Anyways, for me its Mountain Dew WhiteOut, but really, I like all the Mountain flavours.

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Ka-pi96 said:
green_sky said:
Water or go hard.

Carbonated water? I guess that kind of counts...

Just regular water. I guess beers are carbonated.