Forums - Nintendo Discussion - North American Splatfest #4 announced - Sci-fi vs. Fantasy

Team Sci-fi or Team Fantasy?

Team Sci-fi 13 30.95%
Team Fantasy 24 57.14%
See the Results 5 11.90%

Team Fantasy FTW


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Tough one!

Easy for me, Fantasy.

Fantasy all the way!

Now I can't pick an actual answer. Stupid "see results" option!!

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Both are cool, tough choice. One has Zelda, which is a great point, but the other has Guardians of the Galaxy, so that's that.

Edit: well, and Metroid too.

Now this is going be a great Splatfest! Going with Fantasy.

I was hoping for Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings.

Close enough.
EDIT: Team Fantasy!

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Dayum that's a tough one, but I'm gotta go with team Fantasy. You can easily have fantasy without sci-fi, but sci-fi almost always goes hand in hand with fantasy.

Fantasy all the way.


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