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What I usually do when I want to try something (I did the same thing with VR). I purchase an item from Target, Walmart, or other stores that have a 90 day return policy and I purchase the game used from Gamestop. So I play the game, return it within 7 days and return the console shortly after without paying for anything. Your opinion aside on this, I did this for the Nintendo Switch except I bought Mario new (with a plan to resell it to a 3rd party game store). Well after two+ weeks with the game and the Switch, I really don't want to bring it back. 100% in my mind, the Switch and the games should be cheaper, but I am having a blast with Mario. I hear Zelda is even better... This one is going to be hard to return.


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I keep all the stuff I buy.

With the exception of upgrading a device. 3DS to 3DSxl or a newer graphicscard... I will sell those and get a better one. But devices with no upgrades will be kept.

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^ I'm probably going to return an Air Conditioner I bought 2 months ago and purchase a $50 one on craigslist. That will save me about $400


Is there a 90 day return policy on electronics items?

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Yes, on hardware (including VR). Games that are shrink wrapped cannot be returned once open unless they are being exchanged for the same game.


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The Switch is a great device to keep. We already have a lot of great exclusive games (two of which are GotY material) with a lot more to come. Plus as far as multiplat goes, being able to play on the go is fantastic, even with a few compromises to visuals. Even so, it still looks like a step up from last gen and the actual gameplay remains intact.

If you want a high visual fidelity for a certain game, get it for PS4 or X1 (pro or X). Switch offers options that justify owning one alongside those consoles. There is no shame in owning both an utilizing each one for your needs. In fact, it is the smart thing to do.

Anyway I am glad you are enjoying it. I jumped back in with Nintendo for Zelda, but after playing a few exclusives and using the Switch for portability, I can safely say Nintendo has once again found a strong place in my living room.

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Are you doing this for financial reasons or..? If not just use a game rental company

Glad you are happy to keep it.
Still struggling to decide to return mine or not.

What the...I didn't even know you can return games in 7 days. Wow, that's heavily exploitable. No wonder Gamestop is dying.

But yeah, keep that thing. I believe it's final software output will far outdo that of the SNES which is my favorite console and games library of all time. Zelda will completely consume your life for a week or two so get ready for that.