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Forums - - What's your favorite MMO game?

Haven't played any mmo games in awhile, but thinking of getting back into the genre...

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Runescape, Star Trek Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic held my attention the longest. Out of those 3, I'd say SWTOR is the best overall, though the other 2 have improved quite alot over time and certainly aren't bad choices.

Star Wars Galaxies (RIP )

World of Warcraft followed closely by FFXIV.

And by WoW I mean Classic, BC, and WoTLK. And small parts of the others.

Check out WoW classic when you have the chance for some old school MMO.

The two MMOs that I've played most are Runescape and Maplestory, they're the only two games I've ever played pretty much every single day for years on end, absolutely loved them both... Runescape keeps dragging me back every now and then, although my account got hacked a few years back and eventually banned, and since I'd had my account since way back in 2001 I couldn't even remember my security questions since I just made random shit up back then lol, so I have a new character now and like to pop on every now and then, it's a nice place to visit, although not as active as it once was (Although as of typing this, there's around 75k people online)... Maplestory has been ruined now though and I don't go near it... shame really.

Then if we want to get into paid territory (Although Runescape does have a membership too which unlocks the other like 90% of the game, no joke lol... still quite a bit to do in free though) I've played World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV the most, although haven't played either of them for a while now, but I feel of the two, Final Fantasy XIV is the better option, and no it's not just because it's a Final Fantasy game and I'm a fanboy, lol.

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The longest that I have played and where I actually purchased something in game with real money is DC Universe Online (played for 5 months straight) and FFXIV (played for more or less 4 months) then there are lots others that I just got bored after a couple of weeks up to 1 month.

Edit: Is gunbound MMO?


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ffxiv a realm reborn for sure


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Final Fantasy 14. Deep lore, story driven MMO, very regulary updates with new content, deep crafting system and nice visuals :D I'm addicted to it since more then 2 years now and I don't think it will change soon. There is a free trial, so you can get an idea of it.