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Metacritic - Doom (Switch)

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Very good for a portable, very bad for a home console

The game only got 6 points higher on other platforms? Da fuck? It's a masterpiece compared to a lot of games out there now...

I think it will level off at 81 or 82, which is good.

The game's great for a hybrid device, with the rest of the Switch's library as a bar in terms of graphics, gameplay, etc this deserves to be up in the 80's even if it is bit of a late port. Although I suppose portability may not make up for the downgrade in graphics/framerate for some reviewers. As a portable/home console hybrid title it still deserves at least an 80.

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Arlo liked it quite a bit

I have it on PC,but im dying to buy it on switch to see how it runs.  Looks pretty amazing to be running on a Tegra.

That's actually not bad. A 79-80 isn't something to sneeze at, especially for a port of a 2016 game on a console that doesn't have the power of the PS4 or Xbone. As long as it plays like DOOM (albeit at 30 fps), it should be a solid addition to a library that could use some first-person shooters to add diversity. I will definitely get this one, especially since I didn't get the original one. If it succeeds on the Switch, it, along with games like Octopath Traveler, Skyrim, and LA Noire, could go a long way for third party games on the Switch in the future.

I feel like some of these reviews are mostly focussing on how good it runs on Switch compared to other platforms, rather than on how good the actual game is.

The game is the same, which will make it one of the best on Switch. Behind the twin towers of course.