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And wow... for a portable port, this game can really hold its place against Xbox One and PS4. 

PC is what I play at :)

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That seems like a pretty competent port. Wish we could have seen more of the action.
I really hope this game succeeds.

Friday is pay day so deposit my check and then right to Target I go.

Definitely looks decent.

Definitely getting. Fills the lack of M-rated games on my switch

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I blew this off because I thought it was going to be the original. Looks great!

Hoping for 400,000 or more in sales first month.

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I actually like Doom games due to being about the single player story and not just a MP game.

Sadly I am passing on this due to it having no Gryo aiming.

Already bought it, can't wait

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The Switch version looks better then it has any right to, I thought the gap would be far bigger

There is obvoisly differences but wow, they are so small in my opinion that im really impressed!

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