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Ever feel to lazy to play video games?

Yes 87 91.58%
No 8 8.42%

For this past year I've just been too lazy to play video games. It's just hard for me to want complete a puzzle or get past a part I'm stuck on.

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That’s been me for the past couple of years now. Just the thought of picking up and holding the controller makes me tired.

I've procrastinated from playing video games, that's for sure!!

Sometimes I'll go months without playing games. Playing super casual games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft get me back in though

To lazy....

And yes, very often when I think about all the "perfectionist" stuff I need to do, my OCD prevents me from booting up the game.

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Yeah it happens to me sometimes when I'm stressed out or just in a deep thought while playing games, so I just watch youtube videos, listen to music or take a nap, then go back to playing again lol.


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I just play different types of games.
Visual novels work well for that.

I actually want to do a Pokemon Marathon, but the beginning's to the more recent Pokemon games are obnoxious compared to Gen 1&2. So that's putting off of doing it.

Ocassionally I feel too tired to start playing but once I start I go on as usual.


I have my ups and down with video games, i dont know if i would put that down to lazyness tho. My interest in video games as a whole has waned alot in the last couple of years tho.

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