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Now Loading: Would You Rather Buy a Xbox One X or PS4 Pro? 

This is an exciting week for gaming, as Microsoft launches a new console (well, an iterative step at the very least). The Xbox One X is poised to be the strongest console on the market, but will that really matter given the PlayStation 4’s lead? There are a lot of reasons to be both excited and weary about the Xbox One X’s launch.

That’s why the question we posed in this week’s Now Loading was “If you were buying a new system, would you buy a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?”

Check out the gallery below to find out what the staff thought of this week’s question:

Anthony Nash

As someone who owns neither a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X but owns both the original systems, I’d still be more included to go with a Pro. I haven’t made the leap to 4K yet (and probably won’t for some time), so I think the biggest thing that the Pro could do for me is give me some upgraded PSVR and regular gaming performances. That, and the fact that my Xbox One hasn’t really gotten much play in a long time.

Cameron Teague

I have been throwing the idea around about getting a second PS4 for the house, so I would get the Pro. Plus, there's not enough Xbox exclusives I really want to have, and I don't want to pay for another online service. 

Chandler Wood

There's a reason I'm part of the PlayStation ecosystem. I can't betray my trophies and exclusives, so this is a bit of an unfair question. The Xbox One X is arguably more powerful on paper than the PS4 Pro, but each is still an Xbox One and PS4 respectively, so power really isn't the question. The question is whether you prefer the Xbox or PlayStation ecosystems, and my clear choice is the PlayStation.

Elizabeth Henges

Whew, that is kind of a tough call! On one hand, the Xbox One X is the more powerful of the two consoles. On the other, though, my PS4 collection is a fair bit larger and more diverse, so I'd probably get more "use" out of the graphical upgrade there. I'll probably have to go with the Pro.

Keri Honea

Still no 4K TV, so neither at the moment. 

Louis Edwards

If my PS4 needed replaced, I'd grab a PS4 Pro. If I'm just looking for another console to add to the house, the Xbox One X's UHD drive would make me want it. It's sad that even the PS4 Pro, which claims to be a 4K machine, still didn't come with a UHD Blu-ray drive. Makes no sense at all. Other than making game's prettier and slight improvement to the fuzzy PSVR (if you shelled out the crazy bucks for it), it provides zero upgrades for me.

Paulmichael Contreras

I snatched up a PS4 Pro last year, to go along with my 4K TV. However, if I was given the choice between that and the Xbox One X...I'd probably still go with the PS4 Pro. With Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere policies, I can play many of the platform's biggest releases on my desktop, rendering a dedicated Xbox console seemingly as an afterthought. Sony, meanwhile, has no equivalent, and thus are forced to support their console with excellent exclusives. Plus, I will hopefully pick up a VR headset one of these days, and PSVR is still among the best bang for my buck in that arena. 

Tyler Treese

This is a difficult question. If I already owned a regular PS4 (and thus had access to games like NieR: Automata, Persona 5, and Yakuza 0) then I would 100% upgrade to a Xbox One X rather than a PS4 Pro. My reasoning is that you'd get to enjoy the best of both worlds: all of the PS4 exclusives, and play multiplatform games on the more impressive (hardware-wise) console (plus the cool console-exclusive Xbox One games like Sunset Overdrive, PUBG, Dead Rising 3, etc.). Now, if someone owned no current-gen platforms, I'd recommend going with a PS4 Pro. The system works really well for multiplatform, and the third-party exclusives really tip the scales to its favor.

Zarmena Khan

Probably PS4 Pro. I have tiptoed around the idea of replacing my Xbox 360 with Xbox One but I just don't have it in me to fork out money for a console that has a library I'm not going to enjoy. I'm leaning towards the Switch, though.

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"more included'? Those filthy sjws and their ridiculous "inclusiveness" has gone so far that they are now replacing innocent words with "included" just because?

OT: Seems to be a win for PS4 Pro here. Understandable since that's what I'd go for too. Of course I'd take the slim over the pro (I already did actually), but hey

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The PS4 pro dominated that list.
The answer basically comes down to "do you like play your Xbox or PS more?"

The "extra" power of the X1X is nothing to offset my preference for the ps4 controller, interface, and trophies.

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PS4 Pro is the answer people require!

Sony want to make money by selling art, Nintendo want to make money by selling fun, Microsoft want to make money.

PS4 pro, more exclusives, bigger community, and Japanese games.

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A PlayStation website staff chooses a Sony console!!! Amazing!! Had no clue they would choose PlayStation over Xbox what a surprise.

Dont own a 4k tv.... so yeah..... even if I did, it wouldnt be a xbox one x.
Theres just too many games missing from the xbox side of things.


I own both Pro (for Sony Exclusives). XBOX for superior multiplatform games and MS funded console exclusives.

I own s Switch and gaming computer that runs Oculus well but currently my XBox One X is running things smoother and at a higher resolution than my gaming pc can handle.

MS has a better online and controller IMO.

Sony has a larger install base so multiplayer games will come down to what my friends end up buying.

If you can afford all 4 go for it.

But if I could buy only one console this gen. The PRO would likely be my choice.

I own a 4K HDR TV and im fully invested into the Playstation ecosystem so the Pro was a easy choice for me.

The XBX tho, isnt for me. I'm not a massive Xbox fan personally, and im not really looking to invest that kind of money into more Xbox hardware. I only use Xbox One to play the admittedly small ammount of games that interest me that i cant play on Playstation 4, I don't use PC so thats not an option, Outside of that, the core Xbox franchises and backwards Compat i use it to rebuy a few favourites like INSIDE, Dishonoured 2, the upcoming Night In The Woods Weird Autumn Edition, games i adore and want to support the dev ... so in that regard, the XBS is pretty much perfect for me.

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cmay227 said:
A PlayStation website staff chooses a Sony console!!! Amazing!! Had no clue they would choose PlayStation over Xbox what a surprise.

PSLS is actually pretty critical of Playstation, believe it or not. For instance, they criticized Sony for not talking enough during their PGW press conference.