Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Grezzo hiring to help make a “legend”, seeking staff who have experience with HD development

A few years ago, Grezzo put out a hiring notice, and asked potential new employees: “Would you like to make a ‘legend’ with us?” Something similar recently cropped up on the company’s website (except now with a “2” tucked on the end to signify that this is different from last time).

Grezzo is looking to bring in new staff who have experience with HD development. This is specifically mentioned on a listing for a programmer position. Grezzo would also like to hire those who have worked with the likes of Unreal Engine and Unity.

Grezzo handled the 3DS versions of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Earlier this year, Nintendo published the studio’s original project Ever Oasis.


It's definitely possible they are working on HD ports of Zelda 3DS remakes.

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Grezzo rules!

Skyward Sword HD?!?

Pancho A. Ovies

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Fingers crossed for a OoT / Majora's Mask.
With an original Zelda (or new IP, or Ever Oasis 2) made in the same style after they have got their pipeline sorted.

Legendary Starfy 2 hype.

Or Skyward Sword HD, would like the first to come true from whatever studio at Nintendo tho.

Let's have a champion time!

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I would bring ocarina and majora's from 3ds to the switch for sure.And metroid.

Leave the guys make their own IP. We need more things from them aside from Zelda ports (and Ever Oasis, HD port maybe?).

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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They should make their own 2D or linear 3D Zelda, while Nintendo should make a BotW sequel.

It's Link to the Past HD!
That or Skyward Sword...

Still, a remake of na old game like Link's Awakening or the GBC games, would really be great.

This pretty much confirms that Ever Oasis was seen as a sales disappointment by Nintendo. That's disheartening.

Though I won't really mind a Skyward Sword remake with properly-calibrated motion controls.