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"The Xbox One X launches tomorrow (November 7th) in Japan, alongside the rest of the world. In order to get a better insight on the pre-order situation, the local website Game Watch inquired with pretty much all the major local retailers, including Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, Nojima and Joshin.

All mentioned that the initial stock of the console is fully sold-out with pre-orders, and there are no plans to have in-store availability on day one. Only Yamada Denki and Bic Camera added the caveat that there could be some units sold in the stores if their pre-orders are canceled. Yamada Denki is also going to accept pre-orders for the next shipment, but the delivery date is still to be determined.

This could mean one or two things: either the Xbox One X is fairly popular in Japan, despite the fact that the standard Xbox One was basically ignored by local gamers, or the number of shipments for the country is very limited.

We’ll have a better understanding of the situation on  Wednesday, November 15th, when Media Create will disclose the hardware sales figures for this week.

If you want to know more about Xbox One X pre-orders, you can check out the comment we received from Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg, who also told us that fans can expect more Japanese games in the future."


What do you guys think, has the X revitalised the Xbox market in Japan?





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Obvioulsly they had limited shipments.I'll be happy to be proven wrong,but c'mon,why would the x be a massive success in japan when 90% of people there don't even know what an xbox is.

While I believe there is a strong demand everywhere else and the Xbox One X will have a very good start. 
In Japan, I tend to believe it is because Microsoft only shipped like 20 Xbox One X for the whole island (and I would not blame them for it) :)

Yep, definitely revitalised the Xbox market in Japan!


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Wouldn't surprise me if they only allocated a couple of thousand to Japan for the launch. It is a smaller more attractive console than past designs though. I know they practically laughed at the original xbox. Smaller is better in Japan.

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Ten units being sold out is pretty impressive for the XB1X. I wonder if it can keep up the momentum

That's 100 confirmed sales if my calculations are correct.

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monocle_layton said:
Ten units being sold out is pretty impressive for the XB1X. I wonder if it can keep up the momentum

I think the stock situation for the XB1X in Japan will be very similair to how it was with the Switch.

Hopefully they can increase production and shipments to Japan to match demand, at least 20 units a month.

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Tmfwang said:


What do you guys think, has the X revitalised the Xbox market in Japan?



Do you want a serious, honest reply? Is it a serious question? I'm not sure. Can i be sure? Are you sure?

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Microsoft sold 1/2 million original xbox's in Japan and 1.5 million 360s but it looks like the xbox one has dropped the level considerably but still I think the X can do better as it is the strongest console currently where as the xbox one was inferior to the ps4 so didn't get the sales from japanese consumers who wanted the most powerful console. I'm not expecting much of the X in Japan but do think it will raise the level over the original xbox one possibly. Yes pricing may prevent this but I think it has a chance of finding a larger niche than the original xbox one.