Forums - Politics Discussion - Do you support the death penalty?

What about you?

Yes 119 36.73%
No 128 39.51%
I have to explain (please make a post) 11 3.40%
No, and I also oppose corporal punishment 38 11.73%
See results 28 8.64%

Well, I was presented a thread on ResetEra that asked this exact question, so I decided to ask you guys here!! I am opposed to the death penalty myself. Actually, I'd go further than that, and even say that I'm against corporal punishment. Violence should be used as defense or to end a threat, not as punishment after the fact.

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Because I believe life in prison with no chance of getting out is a worse punishment.

No. To start, there are many practical problems with the death penalty in countries that implement it (partial justice, wrongful execution leading to painful deaths, evidence after the fact that should by all right change the sentence, etc...). From a moral point of view, the state can take away many freedoms justly, but taking away someone's life goes a lot of steps too far.

I can understand why some people support death penalty, but I think there are 2 big issues with it:

  • If someone turns out to be innocent, you can't undo the penalty.
  • Apparently it's fucking expensive.


Edit: some more stuff.

  • It's often very painful.
  • It doesn't undo the crime, so it's pretty useless.
    - Relatives of the victims don't get satisfied by the death penalty, and they often feel very uneasy about it afterwards.
    - It doesn't help lowering crime numbers in the country.
    - Community service would be a better punishment, this way they can still contribute to society.
  • Discrimination (mostly racism) is a serious issue.
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No. I don't think it's anyone's right to take another person's life. There are cases where I really have to think about my stance more, but ultimately I don't support death penalty.

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No, but in multiple/mass murder cases, yes. I think some people are just broken and it's an act of mercy to end it for them and for the rest of us.

The proof has to be overwhelming aswell. 

Firstly, VGP you're a traitor that looks at other forums? :O

As for the topic itself, yes I do. The simple fact of the matter is that there are some people the world would be better off without. So why would you be against making the world a better place? Then there's the fact that it removes any chance of them ever hurting people again, if they're in prison they have a chance to escape. Although in some countries they don't even need to escape because apparently a "life" sentence doesn't actually mean life time in prison... And of course it also means the state no longer needs to support that scumbag any more, and considering the state gets their money from the people... including the victims... it's just plain wrong that the victims have to pay to support the life of some cunt. Just lop off their head and be done with it. And for those that will no doubt claim "it costs more to kill someone than to feed, clothe and house them for life"... bullshit! Wasn't the terrorist jackass in that New York attack recently taken alive? Well there's no need to waste a whole load of money on deciding to execute him, there is no doubt... he's a terrorist cunt that murdered people and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Get a couple of guys to hold him down and another with an axe to lop off his head, that really doesn't cost much...

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Depends. On one hand it makes it to where we aren't paying for them to live there on the other -it's a worse punishment to remain in prison forever, preferrably solitary confinment in total darkness. Soo... idk. Depends on the crime and person

Ka-pi96 said:
And for those that will no doubt claim "it costs more to kill someone than to feed, clothe and house them for life"... bullshit!

No ... but there might be a "but" in some cases (mass murder for ex.)

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