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Just realized, now that I no longer use DA all that much or use the same news sites I used to that VGchartz is beaten only by Youtube as the site I've used the longest and still use frequently without interuption. I doubt a week has gone by that I haven't used either in the past 10 years (closer to 11 for YT). Craaazy. How bout you fine people?


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Don't think anything can come close to this one

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Google probably wins this for me, if it counts.

- Wikipedia, Amazon & YouTube - no idea how long, but before VGC.
- Straight porn site #1 since September 2006 (hey, just being honest...)
- VGChartz since before 2nd June 2007 (lurked a long time before that, not sure how long exactly though)
- since 11th June 2007
- Gay porn site #1 since 18th April 2008 (had a previous account that I lost, but again not sure how old that was)
- VGChartz staff freeforums since 28th July 2008
- Guido Fawkes probably fits here
- IMDb since before September 2011 (lurked a long time before creating an account)
- Steam since 17th Aug 2011
- Dotabuff since late 2011
- Gay porn site #2 since 22nd August 2013
- Reddit since 3rd Feb 2014
- Humble Bundle since 15th Sep 2014

Aside from the obvious I guess Computerbase? Incidentally also the only German website I visit nowadays.

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Here, facebook ( obviusly), youtube are the only three that come to mind

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Google, Youtube and Wikipedia. Since a few years also VGChartz and the site of a newspaper.

If we're talking about site that I actually had an account/was a member of, it'd be YouTube, which I've had since March of 2008.

Argh, darn it. I forgot about good and wikipedia, been using the regularly since early '05. Still. Discount these. it's more fun that way however it'd be nice to see how many people have used wiki longer than google.


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VGPolyglot said:
If we're talking about site that I actually had an account/was a member of, it'd be YouTube, which I've had since March of 2008.

Nah, doesn't matter if you were a member or not. took me six or seven years to grab an account on some of the websites I've used the most.


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Mostly Vgchartz, IMDB, Box Office Mojo, Billboard,, facebook and a lot of porn sites.