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Favorite 3D Mario?

Super Mario 64 91 17.91%
Super Mario Sunshine 33 6.50%
Super Mario Galaxy 80 15.75%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 57 11.22%
Super Mario 3D Land 5 0.98%
Super Mario 3D World 28 5.51%
Super Mario Odyssey 133 26.18%
Who care's they all amazing! 69 13.58%
None/Other 12 2.36%

With Mario Odyssey now out and being the amazing game that it is I just want to see if that has swayed anyone's opinion on what the best 3D Mario game is.

And vote!

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Super Mario 3D World might be my favorite.

If not, Galaxy 1... and / or 2.

I love them all.

PS Haven't played Odyssey yet

Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite so far.

Super Mario Odyssey, Galaxy being a distant second for me.

I still have a lot to do in Odyssey, but I've spent enough time that I can safely say I dont see it beating either of the Galaxy games for me as my fav. Something about those games are just sheer perfection to me, and I prefer the galaxies over the sandbox worlds of Odyssey. I think it makes the game feel a bit more diverse and also plays more like a "level", which I like.

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I've only played Odyssey and Mario 64 (and some levels in Galaxy 2 and 3D Land). Mario 64 was already horribly outdated, so Odyssey is 'my favorite'.

3D World.

I've played a few of the world in Super Mario Odyssey, and it's a great game, easily one of the best Mario games, but as of yet I don't think it's going to beat Super Mario 64 for me.

I grew up playing Super Mario 64 and Galaxy 2 was my favourite game of all time but Odyssey is now even better.

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Galaxy is still my favorite at this time. Odyssey comes third, after 64. Odyssey's worlds feel too small (akin to 64's worlds but with 10 times the number of moons) and a lot of moons are just fillers. Back in the day it was such a challenge to get only one of the stars and it felt way more rewarding.