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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4 will outsell the Gameboy+Gameboy Color, 2018 to be peak year and other predictions

PS4: 67.5M

GB+GBC: 118.69M

51M to go!


-2018 will be peak year, $199 PS4 dominates next year.

-2019 sales will be really good with PS4 Super Slim, TLOU2, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima

-God of War and Spider Man each will sell 7M units

-Horizon will reach 7M next year

-Days Gone will sell 5M units

-SotC will sell 2M units

-Detroit will become QD's most successfull title

multiplat predictions:

-MH World will be the best selling MonHun game

-RDR2 will sell 20M units

*all sw sales goals will be met within 1 year of release

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Let me hear your sales by financial year. I’d like to see how you came to that number. Personally, I’m thinking 107M.

Way to many predictions in one post. But I do agree. I am expecting the PS4 to sell 120 million + so we can at least agree on that

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I dont think so.PS4 will still sell incredibly next year, but there is only so much it can do.PS2 had the sales it had not because each passing year sold more and more, but because it had consistant sales through the years.So the PS4 being down next year is not a bad thing, nor it means that it will sell badly.

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Prediction: Will outsell PS2

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

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Im with you on the PS4 going north of 120m lifetime sales.


Tmfwang said:
Prediction: Will outsell PS2

even if they shrink the chip to 7nm, and sell the PS4 slim (500gb) at 150$...  thats a bold prediction, and pretty unlikely to happend.

Kind of an unfair comparison. PS4 has so many more colors.

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vivster said:
Kind of an unfair comparison. PS4 has so many more colors.

GBC :  Colors on screen:  Supports 10, 32 or 56!

PS4 :  HDR (WGC)... 1 billion+ colors?

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i agree PS4 will outsell them, but what is you time scale?

software is way off, HZ (my game of the gen) i think will top 6ish mil life time.

Days Gone - 2.5m
God of War, you might be right
Spiderman.. 3mil, maybe 4
i think Detroit will struggle to move units tbh

2018 Hit List: Shadow of the Colossus, Detroit, Dreams, Spider-Man, God Of War, Days Gone, Medievil, Tomb Raider 3, RDR2 

merman said:
software is way off, HZ (my game of the gen) i think will top 6ish mil life time.

I honestly think HZD is already around the 6m ish mark.

SuperData thought it might do around 6m this year and reach a total lifetime sales of ~8m, this was a early prediction but they probably got it pretty close.