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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Extra Bold: Super Mario Odyssey Will Ship+digital 20mil Lifetime! (17.4mil Currently)


Yes i said it.... I have to recover from SMO not getting a 99 on meta... So this will do!


That said itll hit 20mil lifetime but only and only if the next 3D mario (not 2d) doesnt come out before the year 2020!


What so you think? Will i be wrong yet again? (If yes then GTFO of my thread!!)


Estimates of 3D mario sold lifetime...

SM64 12.5mil

SMS 7mil

SMG 13mil

SMG2 7mil

SM64DS 11mil

SM3DL 11mil

SM3DW 6mil


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I agree.

They just need to discontinue every Nintendo Switch sku but the Odyssey bundle for a couple years.


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I will get the crow ready. I will make sure it is delicious by the year 2020. (My prediction.)

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That would be so, so much higher than other 3D Mario games... Mario Odyssey is amazing, but I don't see it selling more than Mario Galaxy.

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Honestly, I do believe this prediction.I think Oddyssey can sell to roughly 50% of the install base this year alone.So about 5 or 6 million units sold at least this year) and much like Zelda, this will be one of the biggest evergreen titles on the SwitchHopefully XC 2 is too!).With the shipment being possibly normalized next year, the game will tend to sell even better!

And most important of all, the Switch is, so far, selling to more core and hardcore gamers, the ones that dont mind buying multiple games per year, which is a wildly different scenario compared to the Wii.I think this will be deciding factor for games in numerous franchises to will end up breaking their sales records.

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That’s an extremely hefty prediction. It would have to outsell every other 3D Mario by at least 7 million units. Galaxy 2 was one of the most critically acclaimed 7th gen games, and it didn’t even come close to that. Time will tell.

On a side note, I distill dont see many Switch games having a high digital attach ratio. I think for this game, it’ll be 10% at best, so you’re talking at least 18 million shipped/ sold at retail, if I’m not wrong.

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Tbone... I honestly don't think we can give you too much credit for the bold predictions you make that DO come true, for the simple fact that you make so many that some are bound to come true.

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EDIT: I did sell one Switch at work yesterday, bundled with Odyssey. So only 19 999 999 to go.

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