Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How far are you in Super Mario Odyssey?

Are you far?

Yes 23 12.92%
No 48 26.97%
I have no idea 34 19.10%
I think I am in the middle 26 14.61%
Beat the game 47 26.40%

After months of speculation and hype we finally arrive at the day where we can finally play this game.  If you were like me you have been avoiding the internet to not see spoilers . The constant 10/10s have been making the wait harder than I want it to be. Anyway I was wondering how everyone is enjoying this title.
Is it as fun as you thought it was going to be? Why or why not? 

Anyway I just got to the Sand Kingdom. I met some Mexican looking Skeletons  who are wondering why it is so cold in the desert.  I wonder the same thing. I will investigate when I get back at the game. 

Also MARK SPOILERS. Give a vague thing to give us a hint on whether it is something we want to hint. 

Sand Kingdom 1st visit
I think Bowser is causing the ice and cold in the desert.

If you feel the name is too big of a spoiler give a description of it.

Example #2

Desert place 1st visit
It is the winds that are causing the desert to be cold.

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It's the greatest game ever. I don't think it's a spoiler though

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Yeah im at the sand level too. Really liked the first two levels. Im about 3/4 off the way through the the third level. It feels pretty big compared to the opening two levels.

I'm watching my kid play, right now he's a dinosaur with a mustache.

I have the game, but am waiting until tomorrow morning to play it. I want to start at a time I can really sit down and enjoy...sooooo...

The title screen?...NO! The box art. =)

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I'm currently a way before the start. Not only do I still. Need to buy the game, I still need to buy the console.

-10 hours (I have a test in 2 hours and another one tomorrow)

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SKMBlake said:

It's the greatest game ever. I don't think it's a spoiler though

Honestly, yep, it might be. In a few weeks I'll clear my mind but... Oh, I'm so happy now. I had the shittiest day in years (work issues) and, still, I was smiling like an idiot the entire day. Thanks to this masterpiece. Thanks to Nintendo

I'm at that part where i'm sad because i pre-ordered the game and the game still hasn't arrived.
I really suck at this part... :(

7 hours in, still at the Sand Kingdom, hunting moons. The whole weekend ahead of me.