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Forums - Movies Discussion - Justice League - 17 November 2017


After loving the Wonder Woman movie I'm really excited to see the team together to take on the forces of Apokolips. Use this as a reference thread for review scores, box office, and reactions.  I'm honestly not expecting an amazing reaction, but do think Justice League will do better than Batman vs. Superman.

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Wanna see it just for Momoa!

Still need to see Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman. I caught Suicide Squad recently. There were some stupid, stupid elements in it, but I still liked it. Even further behind on the Marvel front.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Wanna see it just for Momoa!

He is a hottie. 

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The Flash looks like the standout for me.

Despite all the hate that the other DC films have had (Aside from Wonder Woman which was well received), I've really enjoyed them all, and even though I think they're going into the team up film way too quick, I'm still VERY excited for this, especially to see how they handle the Flash (My favourite DC superhero) and Aqua Man.

Also it releases on my birthday, so yeah, that's something to do! :P


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Ka-pi96 said:
Wanna see it just for Momoa!

I am...excited to see him too. :D

Slightly trepid about this movie. Afraid of all the changes since Snyder left.
1. I prefer Zimmer's music ten fold to Elfman's.
2. The run time seems to be hinted at like 2 hours, when Snyder was saying it was going to be like closet to 3. Afraid they will have cut too much like they did with BvS theatrical. Afraid it will just be comedy and action and less story.