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Forums - Website Topics - Change to Hot Topics on front page

Two changes to this:

1 - the filters you select on the Hot Topics page, now apply to the front page, too (uncheck 'politics' and they won't appear on the front page, either)

2 - if you hover over the title bar, a drop-down will allow you to filter the categories (note: if you see garbage, you need to refresh your browser)


Good luck!!

Last edited by TalonMan - on 27 October 2017

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One of the most significant usability updates this site has seen in a while. Well done!

Good bye, politics!~

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Thank god, now i never have to see general and politics ever again.

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...seems a little slow - not sure if it's the website struggling again, or the new functionality. We'll see.

It may go away for awhile and then reappear. Stay tuned.

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Fascinating indeed. Now I don't need this script.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

I'm glad that it's finally implemented!!

I never use the front page, unless the system does not let me to go to other areas of the site. Then I am forced to refresh and go there just to get into threads.

Darn mobile site.

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Awesome job, thanks TalonMan

Seems to take awhile for the topic list to actually load up now.