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Kyuu said:
twintail said:

Nah. Its more likely that you see the Switch PS as an additional SKU late in the cycle of a current gen console only device.

a digital only PS4 switch could be feasible aorund the time the PS4 bows out for the PS5. Presumably Sony will keep the current PSN on PS4 future proof, so the PS4 will continue to get PS1/ PSP remasters (not called that) and PS2 classics even once the PS5 is out.

I dont think its likely that Sony abandons their console only approach unless the tech is there to support a transition with minimal loss of power. 

Time will tell.

I was going to mention the possible 2020 PS4 portable SKU which could be bundled with a multiplat Monster Hunter in Japan to test sales, but my silly post was already longer than I intended it. It actually just occurred to me that Sony might also do that with PS5 by not replacing with PS6, but rather a long-standing portable SKU around 6 years after launch. If Sony can keep their home consoles sales healthy enough in Japan, then that move may revitalize it.

By 2028~, there really wouldn't be a point in consoles existing unless something revolutionary is done like advanced VR becoming mainstream. Specs alone won't cut it anymore. Because specs are mostly pointless if not utilized to deliver something fresh. Remember the good ol' generational jumps? I'll never forget the first time I played the MGS2 demo. It was sensatinoal!

Gen by gen, these jumps are gradually losing what made them so special.

A Mobile and Connected version of the PS4 has to happen. Traditional gaming has basically hit the wall in terms of advancements. Going forward it will be higher resolutions, frame rates, and prettier paint jobs. Having access to your content on your mobile and home devices will become the standard. Unless they are cool with giving up all the profits they make on royalties, they have to adapt to the market. 

I believe AR/VR will become main stream, and it will be the driving force behind home computing boxes. AR/VR needs much higher resolution, higher frame rates than traditional gaming, and it will be another couple of decades before it can go portable.

If Sony doesn't build out their ecosystem, they will be eaten up by Apple, Google, ans Microsoft. A single porthole to your content can not, and will not compete with ecosystemsthat span multiple form factors, and in some cases multiple companjes worth the options. This is not 1994 or 2000, things have changed, and you either have to cater to the needs of the market, or you will quickly fade out.

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That's a shame but predictable. Between Mobiles and the Switch its too be expected that the market has walked away from dedicated gaming handhelds.

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Perhaps, we may see a game developed by a Sony studio on the Switch similar to how Microsoft treated the Nintendo handheld. Hell, there is Minecraft on Wii U, a dead console practically.

RolStoppable said:
vivster said:
This and the other thread are pretty interesting to read. While competition in the console space is the most important thing ever, when it comes to handhelds a monopoly is apparently the correct way to go.

The belief that hardware competition is the most important thing ever is a very flawed premise.

Not that we could verify, since we have no hardware competition in the console space.

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darknut said:
Perhaps, we may see a game developed by a Sony studio on the Switch similar to how Microsoft treated the Nintendo handheld. Hell, there is Minecraft on Wii U, a dead console practically.


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I'll just be happy if they update the current vita with an SD card slot and multiple PSN accounts.. Ill be happy to buy it.. those two things are a deal breaker for me..

ShadowSoldier said:
That's a shame but predictable. Between Mobiles and the Switch its too be expected that the market has walked away from dedicated gaming handhelds.

The 3DS has sold over 65 million units and it's still outselling the Xbox One. Why do people keep saying handheld gaming is dead?

Sales prediction, PS4: 122 Million, Xbox one: 50 million, Switch: 105 million. 

HollyGamer said:
Lenny93 said:
Nintendo needs competition to keep them honest. Sony or Microsoft should make a more powerful hybrid.

They will be bussy with iOS and Android 

Phones don't offer the same hybrid experience. One thing I always hated about PC gaming is that I can't do it when I leave town, which I often do during a week off. Consoles are more portable but the Switch is on another level, I can play it on the train and on a TV. If Microsoft or someone else doesn't put up a decent fight in the future, we will have a duopoly of Sony and Nintendo, and we all know how they act when they dominate the market.

Sales prediction, PS4: 122 Million, Xbox one: 50 million, Switch: 105 million. 

bonzobanana said:
deskpro2k3 said:


So smog, but don't laugh, school is in session.

Vita came out in 2011, with the A9 Chip combined with 512RAM, the only portable with a 5-inch OLED screen, with front and back touch screens and a lot more functionalities that I don't feel like listing right now. iphones didn't have anything close to an A9 chip until 2015 with the iphone 6, and don't let me compare it with the 3ds, because that specs doesn't come close either.

Of course I didn't address the second paragraph, because that one was more reasonable.

I don't think comparing the Vita to the original xbox is a bad shout. As an owner of both I can see similar performance in many ways. Obviously Vita has a huge amount of additional memory over original xbox in a situation similar to the Switch over 360 and PS3 but it still has a restriction on cpu and gpu performance. I seem to remember in theory the Vita had 50 gflops of gpu performance where as the original xbox was around 20 gflops but later information came out to state the Vita wasn't clocked that high and was nowhere near that 50 gflops figure. The powervr chipset does have tile based rendering which enables it to punch above its weight though. Still love the Vita and its games and its more than powerful enough for its time. Uncharted on vita did remind me of the original xbox because the textures were very simplified compared to the ps3 versions and you see the same effect on original xbox versions of the same games that were also available for ps3 and 360 like Call of Duty 3.  Any comparisons to the original xbox is pretty much a compliment to me, the original xbox was truly brilliant hardware for its day which delivered many impressive games that weren't possible on ps2 or gamecube for various reasons like Half Life 2 or the Halo games.

Yeah, I agree with your post.

People often wanna talk about specs on paper, but I suggest looking at the games in practice.

Games like Uncharted and Gravity Rush looked good even for Xbox standards. But having played Killzone on a TV, it actually looks considerably worse than notable Xbox shooters.

So Vita was a very capable device, but it wasn't the powerhouse some like to think. It was kinda like 6th gen console getting 7th gen games and that was just fine as a portable.

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I hope they reconsider in the future. As a Switch owner, I can attest to the joy of being able to play some of my favorite Nintendo franchises on the go. I have just as many Playstation favorites from PS1-PS4 that would be amazing on a portable. I've owned PSP and Vita. I would totally buy a new PS portable.

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