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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Opinion Article: Switch Portability Speaks To Me Greater Than 4K Gaming


Do you agree with the Article?

Yes 105 66.46%
No 33 20.89%
Depends on the game 15 9.49%
I have no opinion on this subject 5 3.16%

Luckily for me, I already got that feeling from my 3DS, that's the only device I need as far as portability is concerned. Whether I buy a PS4 or a Switch in the future will depend on the exclusive games available on them that I actually want to play.

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4K doesn't speak to me either, neither does portability, VR all the way with some 1080p puzzling on the side. I have no interest in Uncharted lost legacy anymore or other big screen only games.
Radial G is headed to psvr, sorry fast rmx, no need for you anymore. I do still have interest in Mario Odyssey though. Looks different enough to entertain.

To be honest, I don't care about either one. 4K gaming doesn't really mean anything to me, and I've never really been interested in portable gaming. The only portable console I have is the PSP, and even with games I really like on it I can't bring myself to actually play them very often when at the same time I could just play games on a TV with my home consoles instead.

Yeah im getting Skyrim, Fifa and Yooka laylee all on Switch, even though yooka is 16 pound right now on PSN. 4k means nothing to me right now, maybe in a few years it might but not yet. To me its like Bluray vs DVD. I never payed like 10 pound extra for the bluray when i could just get the DVD version.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I was excited when the Wii U was announced, because of the option of portability. I know there are a lot of times I'm playing on my home console that I feel like wanting to play this portable, or times I'm playing on my handheld and thinking, I want to hook this up to tv and lay back and relax and play on big screen.

The Wii U was a promise undelivered. The range was just too pathetic. You had to basically be on the same couch you would be playing on the tv with to play handheld. No bathroom, no bedroom, no kitchen, no walking around. Obviously no outside the house on the go.

The Switch not only did all that perfectly, it managed to be more powerful, smaller, sleeker, and just all around cooler looking. It reminds me of the first iphone being released. It just has the wow amazing look and effect. It's like all amazing inventions, it almost seems to simple and obvious that you wonder why it isn't being done by everyone already.

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GoOnKid said:
Barozi said:
I think portability is dramatically overrated.
When exactly is it useful?

During school/work? Certainly not.
When you're at home? No advantage over a console/PC.
On the way to school/work? Only if you use trains/busses (and longer than say 10 minutes per ride).
Is anyone going outside just to play with a handheld? Even then a laptop/tablet would suffice.

And don't get me wrong, 4k is just a bonus.

Bold: A TON of advantages as you can play whenever you want. Like, in your bed, for example. Or when you're preparing dinner. A quick match of 1-2 Switch while cooking is awesome as you don't need a TV. Just an example. Or if your partner wants to use the TV at the same time like you would want to play - just play in handheld mode.

Italic: That's perfect for a lot of games! Instead of just staring through the window you can use your otherwise wasted time and play some games. I'm sure you can beat a lot of heavy rpg's that way. It sums up every day.

Bold:Why would I want to play in different rooms, if I could just play where I always play? Bed or couch, what's the difference?
Also you could just stream your Xbox One or PS4 games to a laptop if you really wanted. Or play PC games on the laptop.

Italic: Like I said that's the only worthwhile use I can imagine. But again other people listen to music during that time, browse the web or chat.
Also using numbers from the US, only 5% of the workforce uses public transportation to get to work. That's quite a minority.

I like the Switch but I can't stand handhelds so the portability doesn't mean anything for me. Trophies and 4K/HDR content is a bigger enough reason to choose the PlayStation version of a game over the Switch version every time.

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i have a 4k tv and i play my switch mostly in portable mode.

Portability makes quite the difference, having played BOTW and recently Splatoon 2 the go in business trips and funnily enough seen people at the cinema playing NS I see what the article means. NS basically achieved what the PSP and Vita were aiming to do with the portable market, I play modded Skyrim on my PC with 4k textures but I'm really considering buying Skyrim on Switch for the ability to play it on the go.

Whether you're into portable gaming or not you can't underestimate the appeal of running console level experiences on the go to a lot of people.

It's about the games, not the gimmicks. 4K, portability, motion, rumble- I really don't care about any of it. If it doesn't have a good game, then it's whatever.

Not an invitation to argue about the quality of games on Switch, as it's pretty much been a handful of winners (and 1-2 Switch) so far.

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