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Yes 105 66.46%
No 33 20.89%
Depends on the game 15 9.49%
I have no opinion on this subject 5 3.16%

Well he is right.

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While I do enjoy stuff in 4K, 1080p is good enough for me. Actually, I'll take any game at 720p/60fps or 720 + better graphics over 1080p30fps or 1080p + worse graphics.

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Seeing that my TV is a 23" 1080p screen for the time being, I think I'm fine without 4k. I've always loved handheld gaming though and usually use my Switch in handheld mode.

For me the Switch's portability is an active negative; comparing it to anything i even vaguely value would just be unfair :p I do understand the perspective though. It's not hard to imagine how someone's individual circumstances could quickly inflate the value of portability.

I value power over portability to be honest. So I prefer 4K/HDR over something I could take with me. But where to the overcrowded metros, the bathroom. I don't see much value in that to be honest.

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I think portability is dramatically overrated.
When exactly is it useful?

During school/work? Certainly not.
When you're at home? No advantage over a console/PC.
On the way to school/work? Only if you use trains/busses (and longer than say 10 minutes per ride).
Is anyone going outside just to play with a handheld? Even then a laptop/tablet would suffice.

And don't get me wrong, 4k is just a bonus.

I think there are three equal things going on right now in the industry. VR, Unlimited Access, and 4K.

The Switch falls under unlimited access as an excellent middle ground. A device that can be used both at home and to an extreamly limited extent, on the go. Obviously as Switch is the first game machine to be sold/marketed as such, there are things that can improve.

Personally, I am the most excited about Microsofts angle in this. I love the idea that my game will be available from mobile device, all the way up to my highest end home device. I really hope we see more versions of the Switch and PS4 that offer better portablity and more power, allowing our purchases to follow us everywhere, on all of our devices within the ecosystem.

As I said though, VR and 4K speak just as loudly to me. VR is the first leap in gaming since PS1 and N64 brought us 3D, and it is opening up nearly unlimited potential for the future of gaming. 4K is making traditional display gaming more comfortable, easing the strain on our eyes, and allowing more beauty and detail.

Ultimately, I would love to see all three companies offer Unlimted Access, VR, and 4K through a range of devices in their respective ecosystems.

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I definitely feel that way. I don't game many hours per week and I don't like sitting in front of the TV for longer gaming sessions.

Latest example: I'm a huge Formula 1 fan and am very excited for the PS4 Formula 1 game. But I know I won't be playing it a lot because the PS4 isn't portable. It's really that big of a factor for me. I can actually see myself buying long, epic games (like Zelda, Skyrim, RPG's) for the Switch because I can play them anywhere for short bursts.

The reason I didn't like the Wii U at all was because you couldn't use that damn gamepad in another room. So I was still confined to the couch (and why would I play on a small, blurry screen if my TV is right in front of me?)

For me personally, no. Well if we're just talking "4k" vs "Portable" sure. But resolution isn't the only sacrifice you make for portability.

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I'm right there with the writer. I'm a trophy/achievements guy and the switch still gets me to game on it regardless out of pure fun. 4K means nothing to me if you cannot create content worthy of the 4K. The switch is great. My Xbox is pretty much well... a coaster right now.