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I AM super ready for this game a  2d metroid is long over due in my book here is the new overview trailer released today

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Guys, don't click on his link. This is from Nintendo's official account:

Already, watched it. Lol, I'm already laughing at people who were sporadically saying that Hard mode was locked behind the Metroid amiibo. It's not.

Fusion mode is though, so you can still complain

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I don't see it as a system seller worldwide but it might actually get some people that have ignored the 3DS in NA and perhaps Europe to pick one up finally. Nice swan song for the 3DS.

Now port it to the Switch... and WiiU.

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I feel as though it is an amalgamated gameplay/atmosphere of Fusion and the original Metroid II.

In terms of Metroid upgrades this trailer constitutes a spoiler for me

Did OP seriously steal the video from Nintendo for his own channel? No shame

I am gonna have to motivate myself to bust out my 3DS for the first time in foreverrrr. As a Metroid fan, I must. Plus I carry the shame of not playing Metroid II, which as a fan of the series, must be fixed!

Man I want this game on Switch. I'll probably need to borrow my kid's system to play this game. Looks awesome.